Posted 21/04/2013

During our last gig at the Rambler - Eindhoven, we took the opportunity to shoot a new band photo, including our new rhythm section Richard van Leeuwen and Toine Vanderlinden.

Please welcome to the stage our new drummer Richard van Leeuwen 

Posted 13/04/2013

Richard is a well known Rock/Metal drummer and has performed with acts like Within Temptation and Adam Bomb in the past !! 
We are very excited to work with him on the upcoming Rebelstar Album.

Toine Vanderlinden 

Posted 18/02/2013

Unfortunately John has decided to pursue other musical adventures. However, fortunately, another great bassplayer has stepped in. None other than Toine Vanderlinden has joined our ranks. So, we're all happy doing what we want and Rebelstar can't wait to play shows with Toine.

Now Toine, besides being a Martyr, will be a Rebelstar as well. Welcome Toine !!