Posted 16/01/2014

REBELSTAR is featured full page in the January issue of Heavy Metal Maniacs magazine. 
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" Big sound, big production, big, bang, boom! "

Posted 13/01/2014

Perfectly balancing old school hard rock with enough modern touches to please the younger generation, Dutch four piece ‘Rebelstar’ release their sophomore album II upon the public.
Having toured successfully with the likes of Helloween, King’s X and Vicious Rumours they’ve also played at prestigious rock and metal festival Masters of Rock in the Czech Republic, spreading their music to a very wide audience.
II opens in the style that is maintained across the 10 tracks and that is fun, loud, hard rock. ‘Big, bang, boom’ really does set the tone of the album with a stunning production job, just going to prove that you don’t need the megabucks and mega producers of old to achieve the same effect these days.
By the time the first track closes and ‘All for one, one for all’ kicks in, it’s easy to assume all listeners will be tapping feet, humming and, if travelling alone in the car, singing along loudly (and most likely out of key if it’s me!) as often as possible. Riff after riff come from Martijn Niggebrugge (guitars, backing vocals) and in true old school style he makes the guitars wail and soar underpinning the great vocal performance from Serge Naberman.
‘Crucify Me’ with it’s chugging riff follows then ‘Sick M.F.’ shows off some vocal FX that wouldn’t be out of place on more modern releases from bands such as Velvet Revolver.
Hints of Scandinavian bands filter through the songs with ‘Everyone’s a star tonight’ reminding me of Pretty Maids, ‘Hollywood Creatures’ horn section and groove sounding very much like Conny Bloom’s Electric Boys.
‘Burning sensation’ would not be out of place on a Reckless Love album, then we have ‘Look but don’t touch’ before a treat for fans of Sleaze Beez in the form of ‘In it for the money’ which features Andrew Eit and Chris van Jaarsveld adding an element if dirt and grime that we’ve come to expect from the afore mentioned rockers.
Final track ‘Love leaves scars’ and we finally get to hear a softer side. “Come a little closer and leave the past behind” implores Serge. Every hard / melodic rock album needs a ballad and with a mere 10 tracks on offer this solitary closer is the perfect finale to a bloody excellent album.
Permanent Disaster , the debut album from Rebelstar is also available and well worth tracking down.
Written by Adrian

Released by: AOR Heaven
Release Date: Out Now!!!
Genre: Hard Rock


' 10 rockets of pure class, punchy Euro Melodic Hard Rock of the highest calibre. '

Posted 10/01/2014 

"REBELSTAR II" is the just released second album from Dutch melodic hard rockers Rebelstar, the awesome best kept secret from the genre. Take the best musical elements of the immortal late eighties Pretty Maids, add the power of German wonders Jaded Heart nineties work, and why not, a dash of the underrated and terrific Dutch hard rockers Sleeze Beez (which collaborate as guests on one track) and you have RebelStar's recipe. Of course you need good songs for the enterprise: "II" packs 10 rockets of pure class, punchy Euro Melodic Hard Rock of the highest calibre. 

Do you need some song description? Not required. All are a blast – no unnecessary fillers, you have 10 fantastic Melodic Hard Rock songs to die for.