" This is what rock and roll is meant to be ... "
" The party level is increasing every minute and when the band cranks out 
Another Showdown, we’ve arrived at the final part of this amazing rock show. "

Posted 25/04/2014 

The move of Toine van der Linden from MARTYR to REBELSTAR was certainly one that knocked me off my feet. But I think, that it went pretty well for both bands. And REBELSTAR was about to throw down a cool party tonight full of rock and roll pleasure. I knew, that it wouldn’t please my metal heart as much as with JACKAL, but there’s a good place for rock and roll in my heart and REBELSTAR knows to pull all the right strings. REBELSTAR consists of Serge Naberman on vocals and guitar, Martijn Niggebrugge on guitar, Richard van Leeuwen on drums and Mr. Rock and Roll, Toine van der Linden on bass. 

With “Big Bang Boom”, they open tonight’s show and once you hear the groove you can’t stop tapping your feet along the rhythm of the music. This is what rock and roll is meant to be. With a whole lot of passion, that is. “Burning Sensation” is on next and REBELSTAR leaves no room for conversation. They step up the gas with no breaks. “Permanent Disaster” and “W.B.P.A.” continue the rock and roll train, which calls at one of my favorite stations (read: one of the highlights of tonight’s show) “Crucify Me”. Solid hard rock fills the room in Almere tonight and the fans love every moment of it. “Sick M.F.” is another highlight. Kick ass rock and roll poses and cool moves are the trademark of this ‘in your face’ rock band, that refuses to take no for an answer. They sound like a mix between VENGEANCE and SLEEZE BEEZ. And anyone who knows these two bands, will know that it’s party time everywhere they show up. “Shelter Me” and “Look But Don’t Touch” are on next. The catchy vibe of the songs urge you to sing along to them and people are dancing along to the beat of the steaming sound. “In It For The Money”, “Hell Yeah” and “Smoke, She Said” follow next. The party is complete and of course the stage will be invaded by a whole lot of heavy metal maniacs tonight. They catch their moment of fame and the band just loves it. They know that “Everyone’s A Star Tonight”, which has to be celebrated on stage of course. The party level is increasing every minute and when the band cranks out “Another Showdown”, we’ve arrived at the final part of this amazing rock show. The knock-out punch comes from an AC/DC cover. It always works with “Highway To Hell”, which leaves no room to move on stage anymore. REBELSTAR and the maniacs mix very well and this marriage stands for a rock party, that you can only dream about. And when you think, that this is the end of yet another version of Meesterlijk Metaal, you just don’t know REBELSTAR that well. There are still people standing and the guitars are plugged in one more time to make the party complete. “Ain’t Talking About Love” by the mighty VAN HALEN turns De Meester into one cozy, sweaty mess. I’m also tearing up my air guitar one more time. What a superb set closer, guys!! Mission accomplished for REBELSTAR and they can turn off their amps with a good feeling. 

You can still rock in Holland and prove has been given tonight in Almere. If you don’t believe my words, just take your agenda and mark May 10th in there. The next edition will be very special with SPEEDCHASER, ERAZER and NWOBHM legends JAMESON RAID. I bet, that you will find me there in the first ranks! My thanks go out to COVERED IN BLACK, JACKAL and REBELSTAR and of course to Hans Pendavingh and Jeroen Kroon for another magic metal night in Almere.

Text by: Toine van Poorten, Photos by: Rita van Poorten